I got a transfer and change of designation a month ago. It’s not been easy being the newbie. It is especially difficult to have someone treat you like a fool, but that deserves a separate post. I’ve had a generally easy time fitting in and it feels good to be part of a great team. Still the same employer I had been complaining about but everyone deserves another chance to get things right, Right?

Baby girl is great, almost one now and VERY active. Can stand on her own and move along furniture. No teeth yet but the hair is growing. finally.
I need ideas for a first birthday party. Help!


4 thoughts on “Mono

  1. I have not been getting notifications in my email about new posts, so I am unfollowing and following afresh πŸ™‚

    Ideas for a party? Ummm food? πŸ˜€ Seriously though, I think 1st birthday parties are usually for the parents, family and friends, so do what you want (but with pictures you can proudly show the child when she is grown).


  2. That mono feeling sucks!
    As for the lito girl, the teeth will come no rush and you will be the first victim πŸ™‚

    And am sure am already late for party ideas 😦 Hope you guys had a good one.


    1. Hey. Glad to hear from you. We did not have a big party as I was a bit under the weather and she has one tooth! Yay! She’s great though walking a bit now little miss busy. I will definitely try to post a bit more this year. Take care.

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