Happy me!

This is my year good people. Work is ok, marriage great and another baby on the way. Yes! Due in twenty or so days.
I can see someone rolling their eyes; whatever.
I feel great, though do not look as amazing as I feel he he he. And it is amazing at how different this pregnancy is. For one, no morning sickness, no craving ice cubes, I am eating meat, and the list is endless.
Is it tiring? Oh yes it is, now that I am on the final lap the days drag and drag and drag but all is well.
I have been getting various reactions from friends and family. Some are genuinely pleased; others just there and some have been downright nasty. Which makes me wonder if it is a crime to have one more child? Reactions from my first antenatal clinic visit for no 2 were funny too; with the nurses and doctor looking a bit confused (you know, the look that says were you not just here the other day?). But this lady from church carried the day; she told me “Pole kwa mzigo, wale hufuatana huitwa wa pole kwa sababu hakuna mtu amewapangia”. (Loosely translated “Sorry for the burden, the baby that comes so close behind is to be apologized for as nobody ever plans for it”) WTH? That one left me speechless.
By the way, how should I answer the questions”was it planned?”, “how did it happen?” etc. Whenever anyone asks this I usually wonder if I should give a refresher biology lesson on the birds and the bees J
To be honest, there times I feel that we should have let Njeri grow a bit, but most times I know that it’s best not to space them out too much. For one, no major shopping for baby this time round and my (not so) old maternity clothes were still there J also, we feel it will be great to raise them together. If I want to focus on my career progression or go back to school, I shall not have to worry about breaking to have another child in between.
How is my Lil first born taking it? Well, she is too young to understand but she does rub my tummy, kiss and hug it and if I am a bit uncomfortable she always talks to my tummy and says “sumbua”. Hilarious I know. She has not been around any infants so I do not know how she will take it, but I know she will be a great big sister.
We know it will not be easy, but we have a great support system and we can do this. Go team Njoroges!!!!!
I firmly believe that children are a wonderful gift from God. To be a mother is an amazing privilege that nobody should ever take for granted. There are many women out there who would love to be mothers but cannot be due to various reasons, of that I am fully aware. And I always feel it should never be anybody’s right to judge whether a certain couple has kids or not, if it’s by choice or due to certain challenges, that is not my call.

I hope to post more as this amazing journey continues. Pray for our family dear friends, that is all I ask.


2 thoughts on “Happy me!

  1. LOL! Yes, the “Ooop Babies!” But no, i would not say no one has planned for them. God plans for each and everyone of then even when we haven’t. CONGRATULATIONS!!! Blessed is the fruit of thy womb!


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