Itchy Fingers

I am so disappointed. I lost my phone last week, or rather it was stolen. In my presence, right under my unsuspecting nose. In my house. By someone I know. This is the second time I’ve had my phone stolen this year 😦
First was on my way to see a client and was pick pocketed in a mat. Was so pissed bought a cheaper Tecno phone but I guess this nut who stole it thought it was cool.
How was I robbed in my house by a guest? I did not want to believe it at first but it really happened. He picked my phone from the seat when nobody was watching and left with it! Must have felt it vibrate and silly man stole it while we were praying.
He denies it of course. But I do not want him in my house or compound again. What hurts is he’s a brother to our closest friends. It’s such a murky mess yani I’m not even pissed just disappointed. So disappointed.OK who am I kidding? I’m mad. Very angry in fact. How could he have the audacity to pull that off.
I do not even want visitors in my house anymore.


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