Parenting; Rickets

To other mothers…..


So, I have written here about how my son got rickets diagnosis and I was devastated to the core. Now, I think it’s becoming serious. Two of my friends have had their sons diagnosed with rickets, one of them, same day they got the diagnosis, at the chemist waiting for their vitamin D3 jab, there were two more guys with the same prescriptions.

Well, as it goes most of us live in apartments, and most of the time we do not trust our helps to take the kids out for basking or anything especially very small kids.  Consequently, they get vitamin D deficiency.  Something else to note is that is prevalent in boys, all the people I have encountered are boys, this is my uneducated guess – boys are not genetically engineered to have a reservoir for calcium unlike girls who’ll need it in the future, same theory as iron.

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