I can’t believe Leo and Njeri are both asleep, the house is quiet. Ah! Peace, perfect peace.

It’s been a crazy six weeks of adjustments in our household. Mostly on my part.

I have learnt that pregnancies are different. And so are babies. Njeri was a relatively easy baby and I wrongly assumed Leo would be too. Shock on me! He is fine but is fussier, sleeps less and cries more and louder than Njeri ever did at his age. The first month was difficult but he is much easier now. Thank God. Or maybe I have just gotten used to him. Hmmmm.

A lot of people ask me how Njeri is coping. Well, she loves her brother to bits and is now the first person she asks for when she wakes up. She is always dragging shawls to me to cover him up and is fascinated by his tiny hands and no response when she greets him, Ha ha.

Lots of hilarious incidents have been taking place in our house. From her almost breaking his swing seat as she tried to put on the music for him, to her trying to nurse her favourite teddy as i breast feed her brother. LOL.

Reactions from friends and family; mostly positive.Except for a few snide comments from relatives. but then again we all have a snide relative, or two. Most memorable is one who told me to make sure i use birth control. WTF? You are not my blood relative and we aint even close and you tell me that? Ha! That does not faze me. I love my babies to bits and should never have to justify why there is a short gap between them. Β They are precious gifts from God and H and I feel truly blessed.

Abscondita is still with us and is excited over the baby. Already singing him to sleep and helping me out a great deal. We thank God for her too.

Being a mother has taught me so much. Patience for one. I am a much more patient person now, and wiser. I have learnt not to sweat the small stuff. To cherish each day as it comes, to live a thankful life and most of all to appreciate my life for the wonderful blessing it is.

Stay warm friends.


4 thoughts on “Adjustments

  1. You,my dear,make me look forward to Mummyhood….coz you make it sound so easy and fun!!Keep up the great job!Gosh..Njeri is sooo sweet..LOL at trying to nurse her dolly!I can just imagine it!
    As for those who have nothing good to say about matters that do not concern them….(Unprintable Expletives!!)

    Have a lovely warm weekend!


    1. Hey dear. Motherhood is a pleasure but certainly no walk in the park either. I don’t intend to make it sound easy; imagine being regaled with tales of spit up , tantrums, and blow out diapers. All not as major as the crying episodes. Ha!
      I have not slept since ten pm to five am courtesy of Leo who decided to be the neighbourhood watchie and alarm.
      Don’t even get me started on breast feeding. Perfect bonding that feels like bondage at times.
      But all those moments are precious and you appreciate them later.
      Thanks for reading dear. Haha


  2. I love this.

    You bring back memories of when my kids were younger (someone would think it was a lifetime ago:) ) I sometimes wonder how I managed to cruise through those days and now am here teaching them how to set the table and fold there socks!

    As for the people with opinions, we are never short of those. Carry on, its your life, your family and how you choose to deal with either is not anyone’s business unless the four of you. Period.

    PS; Got an idea for a post πŸ™‚


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