Stupidity at its finest

What is happening in our country is sad and I am pissed off!
I don’t know whether what happened in Mpeketoni was ethnic cleansing or a terrorist attack. All I know for sure is people died and our government failed us.
What is even more annoying are those twisted minds on social media hiding under pseudonyms claiming its only Kikuyu’s who died. I am a proud Kikuyu woman. And a Kenyan. I did not choose my tribe. I have not been favoured any way in my life because of my tribe.
I will never deny or apologise for my ethnicity.
I did not know belonging to my tribe makes me a lesser being. I did not care before but now I care.
Because of the vitriol coming out of some silly mouths.
Like my husband’s colleague who made a crude joke as he looked tired at work
“Kwani ulilala kwa msitu mkichinjwa?”
( you look like you slept in the forest being chased to be slaughtered?)
The person said this in a snide tone. I guess she thinks that funny because none of her relatives died in the massacre. Or she’s hiding in her tribal cocoon thinking she’s safe and can taunt the only Kikuyu in that office. That to me is Bull crap
I repeat. I will never deny my heritage to feel safe. I will never apologise for being Kikuyu. I am one. A proud one at that. And yes have lost friends and family in ethnic cleansing. To say I’m pissed is an understatement!


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2 thoughts on “Stupidity at its finest”

  1. true. pity. people should know tribe isn’t a chemical composition of the body. why slaughter or snide a colleague, yet when donating blood, or receiving blood, we don’t choose to/from whom we do? literate kenyans are tribal too. sad :(. due to political influence, born 90s are tribal too, even after growing in diverse exposures :(. post on point!


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