Too long

It’s been quite a while. Too long a while.
We’ve been fine though. Leo turns six months on Monday. Yay!!!
Time really flies.
I will not lie and say that it is a breeze working full time with two kids under two. Nope. It is tiring to say the least. But fun and how can I complain when I have the best support system ever.
H is an amazing husband and father. I will never tire of thanking God for him.
Abscondita has done a great job with both kids I do not know how I can ever repay her.
Thank you God for the beatiful family I have, the great friends and the grace (  and strength) to be able to do all this
Njeri is almost two.  Yep toddler tantrums have set in here and there 😦 but manageable.
Most upcoming posts will be about her and her antics. Hang around friends.


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