Family Tings

It’s been a minute since i posted ( I have always wanted to say that hihihihi).
Njeri turned two and Leo is exactly eight months old.
No teeth yet but crawling, pulling himself up to stand, claps, screams everything else kids his age are doing. He’s a great feeder too, thank goodness πŸ™‚

We were with my cousins last night who I have not seen in over four years. Last time we were together, I was single and grandma was still alive.
Is it me or is it harder for people to meet up these days? Are we that busy?
I know work and the kids take up all my time, my social life is no more but surely I need to make time for others. It’s not good that the few times families meet up is at weddings, funerals or fundraisers. Sad. I know.

I really hope the coming year will be better in how I relate with others. Sigh.
Oh, and more blog posts. Lol

To Noreen, it was great seeing you guys. I love and will miss you so much. Let’s meet down south next time.


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