A lot has been happened since I promised myself to begin blogging again.

Is it me or are there times when you just feel like too much is going downhill at the same time?

I was euphoric a few weeks ago when a client who had stopped working with us agreed to renew our relationship. Shock on me the terms and conditions meant that they wanted new people to handle the relationship.
One of their senior staff was adamant that they did not want anything to do with one of my supervisors and myself. Mind you this was a relationship I’d handled since 2013 with no drama. But since mid February the client just stopped working with us.

I was shocked, confused and hurt as it was one of my biggest clients. Apparently we have been accused ( indirectly) of bribing their staff to gain favour from them!!!!

Anyway, I decided to let go of the relationship and move on,as painful as it is.
Yesterday, I met one of the staff I had a good relationship. Turns out be had been suspended for a while pending investigation of the same crap. Apparently he was the one who had been “eating” what I was giving.

The situation is ugly and sad as I’ve come to find out that it is one person who is behind our woes. She has been on an ardent campaign for over an year to move business to our competitor. Why she would stoop so low and compromise people’s jobs in the process beats me. But I have learnt my lesson the hard and painful way.


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