Of Father’s Day tings

So, I was to do a post on Father’s Day but did not get round to it as my Lil man Leo has been unwell for a while. Praying he recovers fully.

H has been the best during this period and he is my biggest support. We didn’t do much on the day itself. Spent it indoors with the kids and H serenading us with his guitar ( Did I mention he has NO musical background and training whatsoever? ) 😊☺️

I love this man to the moon and back. Lol.

I love the men in my life and feel lucky to have them. I do not have a brother neither does H. But I am not short of heroes to appreciate albeit belatedly.

First up. My Daddy. My father has been a strong influence on my life. Β He taught me to read. I love books. This is the best thing I got from him. He always bought us books at every opportunity. From Enid Blyton to John Grisham, Hardy boys, Nancy Drew and the like. He got them for us.

I love music and got that from him too. His tastes are as diverse as Tabu Ley to Good ol country and we both love Crystal Gayle and Lionel Richie.

My dad is a patient man. Too patient if you ask me, and that is one trait I wish I had. Hahaha. He is not very talkative, does not shout and never raised his hand against us. He was stern though and we knew better than to cross him. But love us he did and he does. Despite our imperfections, I know he’ll always be rooting for me and have my back. I love you Dad.

H is a great Dad. Hands on and plays with the kids on their level. With him I know i made the best decision to have him as my husband and father to my kids. I’ve shared on a previous post how we met and the fact that we were friends for the longest time before dating, so I will not get into that now. Β But I remember the time i realized I was madly in love with him and knew there and then that I wanted to raise kids with him. It was at my parents house and we had just started dating. Dinner was cooking as we sat chatting and I looked across at him and it just felt right. I felt something in my heart that I can’t describe, I looked at him and it was like seeing a missing part of your life fall into place. That moment just felt right I don’t even know what we were talking about but it was like there was this voice inside that shouted in me “yes,he is the one!”

I know it doesn’t make sense but I really can’t describe what was happening in my brain and my heart at the time. I almost blurted out “I want to have your babies” there and then. Hahahahahahahaha. Love is crazy I tell you.

I love you H. I love that you are a truly good man. A strong hardworking man who people look up to. You are my hero and my biggest support. I love how you make me and the kids laugh, how you care for us and provide for us. Β Lydia and Leo are so lucky to have you as their Daddy. Love and look up to you. We wish God’s continued favour upon every aspect of your life and will always love you. Happy Father’s Day to you my love.


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