It’s unfair

I work in a conservative environment. We have a stipulated dress code and though we slip time and again it’s pretty tight.

I like the dress code and believe it works well for us due to the nature of our business and brand integrity. (Is that what its called?)

Sometimes though they are lapses that shock me once in awhile. Eg cleavage. Oh dear ladies having your breasts hanging out in this cold is not pretty. It entertains male staff, distracts clients and makes some of us feel uncomfortable.
Especially when a male superior makes cheeky remarks about the colleague in question.
Pray do tell dear sister, how are you to be taken seriously by both colleagues and clients when all they see are breasts? Oh my bad. That was your intention all along? Well done.

(As ladies we need to recognise that it’s still a man’s world out there, which means we will always be held by stricter standards and harsher judgements passed on us due to our gender. It is hard enough that we work hard and get harassed right left and centre as we fight our way to the top. Juggling relationships, family and career, wondering if it is possible to have it all, but knowing deep down that you can’t have it all.
That is not the way the world works for side will always suffer. We are forced to make tough choices.

If you choose career, you are an ice cold bitch. You slept your way to the top are just but some of the perceptions people will make. If you choose family, you are lazy and a slap to the face of the feminists who have fought for women to be treated equally not defined to breeding . how dare you?)

Oops! I digressed. Too distracted by this cleavage that makes me feel really flat chested 😦


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