POLITICALLY INCORRECT: Oil-Rich Middle East Nations Already Buy Athletic African Citizens – What Does That Have To Do With The Migrant Crisis In Europe?

Hmmm. Interesting thoughts as usual


Femi OgunodeNigerian-born sprinter Femi Seun Ogunode competes internationally for Qatar. (Photo/IAAF).

AT the just ended World Athletics Championships in Beijing, I was again struck by the number of “former” Ethiopian, Nigerian, and Kenyan, athletes who now race for, especially, countries in the Middle East like Qatar.

A few European countries also have a couple of “ex-African” athletes.

The oil-rich Middle Eastern countries are fairly straightforward about it. They buy the athletes with citizenship and prize money, to put it crudely.

Buying citizens who excel in some field is not new. The Americans have done it for ages. The difference is that they buy rich ones. The British bribe them with long-term residency, thus attracting dozens of Russian oligarchs with their loot to set up shop in London (and buy football clubs too).

As we watched those bought athletic citizens perform in Beijing, thousands of people from the developing world fleeing war…

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