Time to refresh

I had really lazed on blogging and just have the same old excuse; time. Sigh.

But it’s just an excuse. If I have time to be on other social media networks why not this blog which I was so passionate about? I have challenged myself to do more. Be more active. Write about my life to preserve some of the great memories and also give my experiences as a full time working wife and mother.

There is so much to share… The more posts the merrier right?

On family, Njeri started school; she’s now in baby class and she’s doing great so far. Every evening she entertains us with tales of her friends and what they learnt for the day. Never mind that it seems they color elephants daily πŸ˜†πŸ˜Ž.

As for Leo my lil man is also growing so fast…can’t believe he turns two this April. He’s quite the bundle of energy. So active and full of life. I thank God for these wonderful gift of the children I have with H.

H is cool too. Being a great husband and father comes so easily to Him and I would not wish for a better partner and father to the kids.

As for me, well I’m older and wiser now. I think. πŸ˜‹
I celebrated my birthday last week and had a great time being treated out to a romantic dinner. But my real highlight was the first birthday wish I received on the day. This was from a very beautiful lady both in and out, who I’ve interacted with briefly but she’s such an awesome soul. For her to remember me, my birthday and reach out to me was so sweet. I was and still I’m truly touched. Dearest Wangu. You made my birthday so special with your email. Thank you and may God keep blessing you and your family.

Here’s to more blogging and beyond!!!!


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