Left overs

Who does not love left overs? I am at my desk having left over potato salad for lunch. LOL

It is January when so many are complaining of being broke, carrying lunch from home is a sensible idea for now. Just make an extra serving at dinner and voila, you are sorted for the following day’s lunch, or breakfast.

I love having leftovers for breakfast. They are pretty filling for someone who is based in the field, and much healthier than the greasy snacks that are so tempting in the office. The samosas, the mandazis, mahamris and chapatis. So tempting and so wrong when you are struggling to get on the “no wheat diet” bandwagon in the hopes of getting a flat tummy as fast as possible. πŸ™‚

I have never understood why some folks do not like leftovers, why would you want to throw away food? Why? I am from a generation where refusing to finish your food was a crime. A. Big. Crime. You would be shown pictures of starving kids and be reminded constantly of how privileged you were to have a meal in front of you. Never mind that we had pigs that could do with the extra scraps, No. You cleared your plate. No wastage ever.

Njaanuary is truly a humbling month. You live within your means, you waste nothing, and do not splurge on anything. You scrimp on everything; only eat when necessary, do not eat out, do not entertain at home etc.

Sigh. Too bad it is going to change in a few days when folks get paid and begin to splurge.





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