Culinary Delights

It is still January! Is it me or is this month extraordinarily long? I mean next week will still be January! For a couple of days at least. Hahahahaha.

In Njaanuary, a lot of Kenyan households are temporarily vegetarian, and where meat is available, it is the cheaper cuts and in smaller quantities. I’m not hating, just stating!

Anyway this year’s first food post is a staple in many homes. It is Ugali, Steamed cabbage, fried liver and some left over tomato and basil salad from Sunday’s garden lunch.

I use this flour for my Ugali, it is healthy and delicious. I just steamed the chopped cabbage in some salt and knob of unsalted butter. Am I the only one who loves a sprinking of cayenne on crunchy cabbage?

The tomato salad is really easy, chop up a few juicy tomatoes, add some salt, a drop of olive oil, a tsp of dried basil, and a tsp of lemon juice. Mix it and set aside for the flavours to blend well.

For the meat dish, I like soaking my chopped liver in milk for an hour or so to remove the bitter, metallic taste. I then dredge in some flour seasoned with salt and black pepper and fry with lots, and I mean lots of onions πŸ™‚





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