One thing I love about human beings is the ability to change. There are those who love change and are restless in situations that need things to the same. And there are those who loath change. They love things as they are; woe unto you if you ruffle things up.

We make decisions that require us to change or those around us to change. Some people thrive after a change, others shrivel and withdraw. Change affects us in so many ways, both big and small.

As I had posted earlier, I changed jobs recently and I am loving it so far. Love the freedom  I have and more time to be spent with family and friends. In my previous job, even taking leave was a headache. you did qualify for leave but it had to be within certain times of the month and only if there was someone to hold fort for you and an endless myriad of things to be done before you leave until it made me wonder at times if going on leave was even worth it! Sigh.

Having more time that I didn’t before was unsettling at first. My mind was blank the first Saturday on what to do. Oh there was a lot to be done but it was weird planning a day without feeling rushed. Now that the change has sunk in, I am taking steps to tick my very long and pending “to do” list. I have a couple of DIY projects I will be working on, travel more, get back to a bit of gardening (yes, a bit) and taking better care of myself (read working out LOL ). Still debating on whether I should give the strawberries another chance. Hmmmm.



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