Weekend recap

Hello Lovelies, good bye to another work free weekend! If this is not bliss, I do not know what else bliss could be 🙂

Saturday morning was spent with one of my good friends. It did feel nice popping in to someone’s office on a Saturday morning just to say hi. H and I had a few errands to run but the traffic really slowed us down. We ended up at Kiambu again but no pork this time round. We just bought some takeaway and ate while running around.

There is a lot of construction happening in this town it makes me wonder if all of these properties will get occupied. Methinks the bubble is going to bust soon and it will be ugly. It’s already hard enough for commercial properties to get tenants fast enough; cannot imagine the same with residentials. And the cost of these houses is no small change either. The prices are just ridiculous.

Sunday was lunch at a good friend’s place. I am so mad at myself for not taking photos of the spread. And it was quite a spread. Pork ribs with the meat falling clean off the bones, Sadza (southern Africa’s version of ugali), dried greens in peanut butter sauce, rice, chicken curry and these amazing butternut in coconut cream with hints of vanilla and cinnamon. I was in heaven! Njeri demolished that pork like there was no other food on the table she even got some take away. Hahahahaha. My friend Mandy is an amazing cook, I should really get photos of the next meal she cooks for us.

Have a lovely week ahead friends.



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