Culinary Delights- Potatoes and Steak

I love potatoes. Boiled, fried, baked, hot, warm, cold.  I love them. There is a funny joke that ladies from my tribe put potatoes in everything. Hahahahaha. Well I do not. But I can have them for breakfast, lunch and supper! And this love includes sweet potatoes 🙂

Below is a throwback meal I made.

I boiled the potatoes in salt, a bit of turmeric and garlic powder. Garnish with coriander.

The steaks were rubbed with olive oil, salt and lots of black pepper, and put on a hot griddle (same one I use for making chapatis). About 2 minutes on each side as they were not very thick and finished off with a knob of butter.

I love kachumbari in various forms. Here it was just tomatoes, onions, salt, a bit of cumin, roughly chopped spinach dressed in olive oil and lemon juice. Yes spinach. Just clean it well and only eat raw if sure of the source.

I am really bad with quantities. LOL




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