One last time.

Are you a HONY fan? I love the stories and today’s HONY post on Facebook  about Mario and his friend just made me tear. One truth that is hard to believe is you never know when your last conversation with someone is.

I was thinking of friends and relatives who have passed away and have regrets over so many things I would have loved to do or say, and there are those I have peace over, as I had the chance to spend time with them one last time. Even if neither of us knew it would be one last time.

To Hellen my childhood friend, I used to visit her in hospital and she got well for some time but we lost contact for a few years. I really wish I had worked hard at maintaining contact. I also wish my grandmother would have gotten to meet my daughter. She passed away before I could introduce my child to her.

For my friend Waithera, I am grateful that we got a chance to share a meal and a ride together. I did not imagine it would be the last time to do so. I keep asking myself what I could have done different if I knew; would we have lingered over lunch longer? Would I have driven slower and prayed for traffic so we could chat longer on her way to hospital? I do not know……but I am grateful for the short time we got to spend and talk over future plans for her family.

Rest in peace Waithera. Your family shall be fine and the boys will never forget you. Rest in Peace my dear. I know you are at peace.



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