Weekend recap- Pre – birthday Lunch

Hello Lovelies.

The weather in Nairobi is awesome right now. Who doesn’t love the smell and sound of rain after the sweltering heat since January? Beautiful weather for a beautiful country.

This past weekend was a busy one for me. H and I are yet to finish our building project and Saturday was spent picking some natural stone tiling from Classic Mouldings. They have a beautiful range of stones and decorative paints that you will fall in love with. They are located on Mombasa road and have a new gallery off Waiyaki Way. This is what we picked:-

Caribbean tumbled antique blend

Saturday afternoon was spent at the barber (for me) and the salon (for Njeri). I finally cut my hair and love the new me. Had late lunch at On the Grind on Riara road with my best friend. The food was surprisingly good; yummy and fresh. I have always ignored it, but shall definitely return.

Sunday was my day with the Tots and we had lunch at Adega. I love Adega; their food is delicious and halal, not greasy, service is fast, portions are huge and they have a great kiddie area which you don’t have to pay extra for; like some places in Nairobi. Sigh.

They do not serve alcohol but have an array of fresh juices, shakes, mocktails and hot beverages. It was mango juice for the kids and the usual pineapple mint for me. Yummy.

It is the best pick where one can let the kids play as you linger over your lunch. I just made sure to reserve a table near the play area so I could watch them play without having to move a lot. Perfect solution for when you are alone with two very energetic preschoolers.

I had the kingfish with fried rice and the kids had fries with chicken nuggets. Check out Leo’s fork skills 🙂

I was too stuffed to have dessert and even the kids barely touched their food, so they had it for dinner instead. LOL. Nothing goes to waste if I can help it.

Today is my birthday. Woop! Woop! Why am I so excited about growing older?

Have a lovely week ahead friends.


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