You should know people.

This morning as I dropped Njeri to school, I decided to walk her all the way to class and say hello to her classmates.

Oh the sweet little girls, playing with their play dough, others colouring and chatting. I walked round and said hey to each of them as I asked for their names. (What better way to match faces to the names when Njeri talks about school? Hehehehe).

Anyway, I got to one girl whose name I knew as she attended the interview same day as my daughter. I said hi and as I walked away this ensued:-

Little girl: I know how you know my name!

Me: You do? Oh, and how do I know your name?

Little girl: Because you see me on your TV!

Me: Oh! I do?

Little girl: Yes! That’s how everybody knows my name.

Me: Is that so? That is lovely.

At this point my mind was blank and I had to ask the teacher whatΒ  the little girl was talking about. Apparently she is in a local yoghurt commercial that I haven’t watched yet. Till now.

Oops, I really should know people. πŸ™‚

PS: Zawadi is a very beautiful and confident young miss. And no, her name is not mentioned anywhere in the commercial. LOL



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