Project Manenos

Mad respect to all in the construction industry, contractors, interior designers, masons, electricians, plumbers. It is no joke.

Our project is not too big but still takes a lot of time, energy and finances. Obviously.You can have an idea of how you want let’s say, the kitchen to look, and you are so excited, until the contractor tells you it is not feasible. Or informs you of things you might have overlooked. (Yes, I forgot the gas cabinet! LOL).

You will go on pinterest and get dizzy, get several quotations- some will make you roll your eyes and snort. Others will create such a wonderful design that you will want to sell your kidney to make it happen. And then. There are those who want to charge for the designs, others want to even charge for a site visit. Ah! it is tiring.

The past months have been spent looking at various quotations and making the decision on who will do the job for us. H and I decided on the guys doing the kitchen from the first meeting. Their guy was on time, did not charge, took measurements, asked questions, answered questions, advised us on the design options given the limited space. Came up with even better suggestions and creativity on how to go around some of the site’s structural challenges. Having seen and loved some of their work, I can’t wait for the job to get done so I can give a complete review and photos of course.

So, colours have been picked. RED kitchen anyone? Choice material selected including handles and countertop type. Let the work begin!





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