Project Manenos Part 2

Our kitchen is done. Yippee!!!!! OK 90% done as a couple of appliances are yet to be fitted but we love it. We decided to go with Streamline Designs. They were not the cheapest, but they were the most professional and great handiwork to match. They got the measurements right, the design right and the colours matched the tiles we had selected.

We had crazy quotes, even paid for site visits. But Streamline did not charge us for the visit. Their crew was on site on time, cleaned up after themselves and worked well with no supervision. Any delays were communicated, solutions provided and oh the quote broke down everything. No hidden charges, agreement had timelines attached that were met. (I love that btw). I cannot wait for the final reveal.

Now the rest of the space is staring back at us. We had not engaged an interior designer at any stage. We however realized we needed professional help with the rest of the finishing; someone who would be able to translate what we wanted the space to be. And so the search began.

To be honest we had no idea where to start. We went to the Ideal Interiors Expo at Two Rivers Mall, (which was a big disappointment) and managed to get a few contacts.

So, first visit by an interior designer was this past Saturday. A reputable and posh outfit but hey, our dreams are valid and they were not charging for a site visit. LOL

Anyway, the creative director and one of their designers came and saw the space, gave a few ideas, took measurements etc. Now, when we had visited their showroom, one of the sales ladies had told us that the cost of a render/ design began at Kes 40,000 minimum. Yes. I can see the look on your face. Buuut, if we selected some pieces from them, they would deduct the cost and work backwards. If not, the 40k would be for the design only. Which sounded great to us, and that why we set up the site visit and also as we were really interested in some of their stuff. Wallpapers, lamps etc.

Come Monday. We received an email from them to deposit over Kes 50,000 in their account to enable them design for us. I know……. Sigh.

BUT, here came the shocker. We were apparently misled by their sales staff. Or as they put it “miscommunication”. The fee was just that a fee. It could and would not be deducted from the cost of the materials we sourced from them.  Double Sigh.

Anyway, I got confused and decided to engage an interior decorator via email and posed a few questions so I could understand how these things work.


To be continued…..





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