Breakfast anyone?

I love filling breakfasts.

Weekdays are great for cereals in yoghurt and overnight oats. Yum! Though I do make mandazis on weekdays sometimes after work.

I love cooking  up a storm on weekend mornings. Not only do I find cooking therapeutic, but it is also lots of fun. I do need lessons on plating though.

H and I came up with a new snack the other day, we had some yummy arrowroots from his Mother’s garden and we cubed this up in some yummy yoghurt. The result was absolutely delicious, creamy and filling. Perfect for breakfast, brunch, snack or even dinner 🙂

Potatoes for breakfast are not only filling but really delicious. My favorites are potato wedges sprinkled with herbs and salt and pepper, or pan fried sweet potatoes with paprika or rosemary.

Pancakes or crepes are great too. Banana and cinnamon mini pancakes are a hit with the kids. I like my besan pancakes though. LOL

I am not a fan of eggs, but you need protein too. Good quality bacon and sausages are a bit pricey, so eggs are healthier and way cheaper option though. I vary from poached eggs, omelettes or scrambled for H.

Vegetables can be roasted tomatoes, caramelized onions and sauteed green peppers which are all favorites of mine.

I rarely make fresh juice, preferring fresh fruits, dependent on what is in season. Served alone or with yogurt.

Beverage of choice, tangawizi tea of course. (I use fresh ginger, toasted and crushed then simmered slowly  before adding milk and tea leaves.) Masala tea also goes down well on a slow weekend, I will do a separate post on how I make mine.

What is your preferred breakfast?



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