The Look

Being a mother is a learning experience. There is no manual that fits all.

The parenting books and websites and Prayers do help a lot, but there are many times one wonders if you are doing right by the kids and your values.

Nobody wants a child who behaves badly, but we do not want perfect robots either. You want a child who can communicate well and stand up for themselves, but you do not want them to be a bully or be arrogant either.

Growing up, our parents’ mantra was “Spare the rod, spoil the child.” Our generation is more indulgent now, and we have to look for other ways to instil discipline in our children. There is one thing that has not changed though, and that is “THE LOOK”

The universal way for all mothers to express disapproval at their children’s shenanigans. That stare is enough to make folks freeze in their tracks.  The day you learn or realize you have “the Look” nailed is a moment of pride for all Mothers around the world. You are there keeping a straight face as you give the child one cold stare that will make them feel cold, but inside you are doing the happy dance that you have finally nailed it. Oh the moment of triumph!

Being a Mom

How do you know you have nailed it? When your child looks back at you, actually stops misbehaving and either bursts into tears or apologises, or looks down guiltily.

Happy Parenting Folks 🙂


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