My Java Relationship

I know I am not the only one in this town who has an abusive relationship with Java House.

Java, our beloved coffee house that used to have real nice brownies, great pepper steaks, fries and great coffee to boot.

Despite lousy service, lowered standards, slugs/ worms in salad, we still trudge back to Java as it has sentimental value to many of us. For some, it was the first place you had that great date (that ended in marriage a few years later), where you would meet friends and catch up over chocolatey milkshakes, prepare presentations over giant samosas. Sigh. Those were the days.

Java is still a great meeting place but to be honest the standards are not the same. Whether this has to do with the rapid expansion, or the changing of investors, who knows? But I know I am not the only one who misses the old Java.

Recent incidents have just made me mad. From two cockroaches at their sister outlet, delayed and orders delivered piecemeal, (the whole brunch ended up being on the house courtesy of / due to intervention by their marketing manager who was present at the time), soup overloaded with white pepper at Java Yaya, what is not happening to this source of pride for many Nairobians? Despite this, my two feet and silly brain keep returning.

Earlier today, H and I decided to have lunch with Njeri at their Upper Hill Branch. We have been there a few times before with nothing wrong happening. But today, despite it not being busy, we sat a cool fifteen minutes without being served. Oh, we had a menu on the table and Njeri had started her coloring but none of their staff bothered to come pick our orders.Β  A cool fifteen minutes with a hungry kindergartner and two hungry adults. Sigh.Β  One of their waitresses passed by three times, without a pause. Three couples got served before us. Fifteen minutes was too long a time to wait. So when the same waitress passed by I had to stand in her way to get her attention, but H was not having it, he had already picked our stuff and headed out. The waitress rushed to get the manager who followed me out begging us to come back that she would serve us ourselves. Ooook, I asked her why she would want to serve us, if her staff were not bothered and anyway, it was not going be a pleasant experience after my daughter asked β€œWhy do they not want to serve us?”

How did I know it was fifteen minutes? I had my phone timer set as we had an order at a nearby chemist that we had been told will take fifteen minutes to be ready.

Am I done with Java House yet? How much more can I take? I do not know 😦


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I love God, my husband, my family, food and loving married life!

2 thoughts on “My Java Relationship”

  1. Ah, the joys of terrible service. I think we accept low standards, here. At least a welcoming hello while they keep you waiting might (might) make a difference. Honestly, Java is slow, but I haven’t had bad experiences with their food thus far … I read about the roaches and I want to spew bile! Good lord! I have also spent many many minutes waiting for service at the upperhill Java.


    1. I visited Java yesterday. And it was a great experience, reminiscent of old times. Though I have also not had a negative experience at Java hurlingham ( at shell) so they redeemed themselves again 😍😍


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