The Folly of Being Human

2017 is turning out to a very interesting year. Interesting and revealing. Both about myself and other people too.

It has had its highs, but the lows have faithfully trudged along too, unwilling to be left out.

A lot of things have been revealed about people close to myself, both consciously and unconsciously, and I am learning to guard my heart. It is not easy but it has to be done.

Human beings are generally good, but some of us are downright evil, conniving, jealous, envious, just bad. To be kindhearted, a person of integrity, humble and just have a good heart is turning out to be a tall order for many.

Why are we not happy for each others’ successes? Why do we feel like we always have to put each other in a box and clamp down real quick and fast on the other person as they try to break free of what we are constricting them to be?

You think you have real friends or support from family? Try being at your lowest….. even better, try being at your highest and see how quick some will drag you down. 19554823_1105430506259451_5948960505584611437_n




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I love God, my husband, my family, food and loving married life!

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