Culinary Delights: Breakfast Hash

May I declare my love for potatoes for the umpteenth time? They are bae. Delicious and filling no matter how you make them.

I love having them for weekend breakfast or brunch. They are a lovely way to start a long day or counter a hangover!

Here are two takes on breakfast. One with Irish potatoes, the second with sweet potatoes or ngwaci as we call them here.

There is no need to boil them first, just chop β€˜em up in small cubes, add to a wide pan in a layer covering the bottom of the pan and they will cook pretty first.

Take 1.

  • Peel and cut your Irish potatoes into small cubes. Also slice one red onion and chop one green pepper (hoho).
  • Heat some olive oil in a pan, add the onion and green pepper, cook till soft. Remove and set aside.
  • You can add some more oil, just a bit, let it heat up then add your cubed potatoes evenly on the pan, let them sizzle on medium heat, you do not want them to burn without cooking all the way through, turn them when the edges are crispy and brown, add salt, pepper and spices of choice. I used garlic powder and Spanish paprika.
  • You can now add any leftover meat you may have, or even bacon. I added some leftover steak, cubed. Then add back the onion and green pepper mix. Mix well.
  • Make a few wells in the pan and crack a couple of eggs, cover and let eggs cook to your liking.
  • You can add some grated cheese just before serving. I used cheddar. Yum!
    Breakfast Hash: Potatoes with green pepper, leftover steak, eggs and cheese!

    Take 2.

  • Same process but this time I used one sweet potato, and did not add any eggs or cheese.
  • I had some leftover mutura (our Kenyan traditional version of blood sausage) which I added after adding back the onions and pepper mix.
  • I used mixed herbs instead of spices and served with two beef sausages and a creamy tomato, lettuce and cucumber salad leftover from previous night’s dinner.
Sweet potatoes with mutura, served with a creamy salad and beef sausages.

Both versions are delicious, filling, and a great way to include leftovers that are not enough for a main meal. Try them this weekend!



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