Happy New Year

I cannot believe I did not do any post in December, such an awesome month. Enjoyed the time off just spent most of it at home with family and friends. Abscondita also got some time off to go visit her relatives upcountry, so let’s just fill in the blanks as to why I could not post. Yes, housework LOL.

Seriously though, I am glad 2017 is over and may it never come back. There is a lot I am grateful for in the past year, but there is a lot too that I would prefer to rot in the past. I thank God for good health, not lacking anything and the time spent with H and the kids. I loved the revelations too on which lane I should stick to cause oh the drama that past year!Β Β  I am relieved to have dropped some baggage and come to see some people for their dishonesty and downright nastiness. Yucky!

2018 is here though. And I am looking forward to what my achievements will be this year. I have not set any resolutions and never do anyway. But I have set down some of the things I am keen on achieving this year, which I will be sharing as I work on them.

Leo started school too! So exciting. Seeing my lil man in his uniform with his small bag, looking all serious and organized. Only downer is his fro is gone, I will miss his big hair and he looks so much smaller now L

Njeri is excited about being in the last year of pre- school, already asking if this is the year her front teeth will fall off, and if she can get her ears pierced, and if she can start ballet and a never ending list of questions like most kids her age. I am loving her current phase where she has been walking around the house with a note book and pencil drawing things that interest her. I am really impressed at the young girl she is growing into.

H and I are fine too, still working on our otherΒ  projects bit by bit but glad the big one was completed well. We have been lucky to have had no major issues with the people we have been working with and anticipate more success in future projects. Taking our time, researching in and out, working with experts has really helped us and may it continue.

Here is to an exciting year filled with new projects, new learning and success!


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I love God, my husband, my family, food and loving married life!

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