New Beginnings.

Since we moved, many friends and relatives have asked what we are going to do with our old living space; will we rent it out? will we demolish it?

I have an idea I have been toying with for a while but have not really gotten round to actually doing it. So H and I have decided we will use that space for it. I am good at procrastinating and have this fear of the unknown that makes me delay working on my ideas and getting started on projects.

So I will be blogging about this as a means of being accountable to myself. This is a dream I have had for years and I am excited to at least make one step towards realizing it. So here goes one step.

First, there are some repairs and changes to be done to some rooms, as well as paintwork. Cannot wait to see the ideas our artist/ painter comes up with. I am still in love with the murals he did in the kids rooms and the paintwork in the rest of the house is superb.

I also need licensing for my project and some new furniture, both indoor and outdoor. But one step at a time for this labour of love. I cannot wait to take before and after shots.

Here is to a new beginning!



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