Birthday Month. 

February is almost over! 

Is the year rushing by or what? 

This is not only the month of Love, Black History Month, Black Panther Month but also my birthday month. Yippee!!!

I will not lie about being excited about growing older. Forty is edging real fast and I am not ready folks I am NOT ready! 😪😪😪

There is a lot I had purposed to have accomplished by now and I have been pretty hard on myself about it recently. 

I’ve been in the dumps to be honest. Lousy mood swings, emotional about silly things, been a bit a anti social of late. I am tired, unhappy with myself and need to get back ontrack FAST? Will watching Black Panther help? It seems to be raising spirits all around I need a bit of that. Will T’Challa do it, I heard M’baku is awesome too and Killmonger…. 

Also girl power never fails in uplifting. Okoye? Nakia? Shuri? I hear she is the best Disney princess …. Can’t wait to watch it!

Seriously though, why is time moving so fast? I want to stay young – perfect excuse to get away with goofing off! 


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I love God, my husband, my family, food and loving married life!

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