Weekend Recap


A couple of my colleagues decided to check out #nairobiburgerfest to kick off this weekend and why should I not tag along given my love of food?

Venue of choice: Urban Burger at Prestige Plaza, Ngong road .

It is the newest branch of the Urban Gourmet Brand and it has kept up the standard  quite well methinks.

It was quite busy as it was lunch time and burgerfest after all, but the service was on point. I had a cheese burger, my colleagues had the Texan burger, the blue cheese and the fourth was the chilli burger. Unfortunately the chilli burger was not as hot as the waiter made us believe, but delicious nevertheless. We had the burgers with fries, onion rings and coleslaw on the side. We were all stuffed, and had to get doggy bags for the fries. The patties were juicy, the buns fresh, the salsa on point too.  They really do have great burgers and I am delighted that they are now closer to where I work. Yum!


Was to take Njeri to dance class then spoil her rotten afterwards. Unfortunately, dance class was canceled and she had a tummy ache so decided to stay home and sleep. I decided to do a bit of shopping for the kids and stock up on groceries. Came across this place; Tracy’s Kids Collection and I am in love. Good quality and beautiful selection of kids wear at really good prices. Her customer care is top notch too and she is located just across the popular Smart Baby at Chaka road. Smart Baby does have good clothes too but awful customer service. I am done with them. Tracy’s  is my new boo!

Rushed home to check on Njeri after grocery shopping. Sigh. Current food prices are a joke! I really do not see how the current government expects us to reelect them.  H was coming home from a work trip, decided to make him some yummy chicken biryani with creamy cucumber salad. I got the biryani recipe here Easy and quick. I did get carried away with the food colour though. LOL.

This was my second time to attempt this dish and I am pretty proud of my effort!

Chicken biriani with creamy cucumber salad

Creamy cucumber salad recipe. (Serves 3-4)


  • 1 large cucumber, peeled and deseeded, and sliced thinly
  • 1 cup natural yoghurt, sieved to remain with a smooth curd (takes an hour so to remove the whey)
  • Salt and pepper to taste
  • ½ tsp mixed herbs
  • I small red onion, sliced thinly
  • 1 tsp dhania chopped finely


  • Mix the curd with the onions, herbs, dhania and salt and pepper to taste.
  • Add the cucumber, mix well and chill till ready to serve.

PS: Ensure the yoghurt drains well and deseed the cucumber so salad is not too watery and runny.


I have said here before I love weekend breakfasts, and as a Mother’s Day treat to myself, I made these yummy pear and nutmeg pancakes. I reduced the sugar though to 2 tbsp as I did not want them too sweet.

The taste is out of this world, OMG!!!! I served with some fruits and downed with my usual ginger tea.

Pear and nutmeg pancakes with an assortment of fruits and jam

This is one recipe I need to try again. Too delicious!!!!

Also check out more recipes on Kaluhi’s blog. They are easy to make, use easily available and affordable ingredients, you cannot fail to have a delicious and filling meal as a result.

After church we stopped over at Wilson airport for the kids to do a bit of plane watching as we caught up with  a good friend. Njeri and Leo loved it! Uncle Alex scored maximum points with them on that one. Headed home as my bestie Vee was around. We caught up on stories of work, food, future dreams etc ; the visit actually ended up being a sleepover as we were still chatting past midnight. LOL.Too bad she has to go back to Uganda tomorrow. It was a great weekend to say the least.

Have a great week ahead!


Weekend Recap: Saturday

I have to really improve on my posting. Too many drafts that are yet to go up and some are outdated now. Sigh. Work pressure has been crazy and it’s not about to lighten up so I have to get organized ASAP.

Had a great weekend, other than my throat infection which has made my voice hoarse for the longest time 😦

My Saturday morning was meh! But I got a lovely spa treat from Hub in the afternoon. I did not know I am that easy to surprise, I thought we were heading home after a few errands when he turned into the spa and voila, I was lil’ miss pampered for the better part of the afternoon. I loved it.
The massage session was interesting though. They set up the room for a couple’s massage, only for H to tell them to go ahead with me alone. The massage was R.E.L A.X.I.N.G I really needed it.

However a few minutes into the massage, I heard a couple of people enter the room and I thought I heard a male voice, but I was enjoying myself thoroughly so just decided to switch off. A short while later I realized that it was a man also having a massage done. In the same room! I was face down and in full panic mode now wondering who the hell it was, and how the hell they could have erred and put someone’s husband in the same room as me. Did they confuse couples? Was there a poor lady somewhere enjoying her massage without her hubby by her side? I could not wait to be up and cause drama for such a mix up. My mind was on overdrive on how I’ll be sure to get a year’s worth of full treatment for H and I due to the mix up. I even began wondering how I will even explain to H what happened, should I tell him immediately he picks me and await brimstone to fall on the poor lady at the reception or should I handle it myself and tell him about it when we are far from there. I was so embarrassed and uncomfortable and was ready to get up and stop the massage there and then, but also reasoned that hey, I am face down so I might as well have this lady finish and then leave, instead of causing drama when somewhat dressed( ok, undressed). Yup, that’s me in panic mode, I freeze physically but my brain is just on fire.
So I just took a long breath and decided to enjoy the remaining half hour of my massage and deal with them properly once I am fully done. Then before I knew it I was done with my massage and had to get up and leave. And there is a dude I do not know in the room. WTH! Then, he got up too as I was walking out, this must have been so hilarious to those massage therapists, and I was too scared to look up and confirm whether it was my husband or not. This guy was also not talking and I was thoroughly scared now, my hands were clammy and my mind froze! I mean I saw H walk to the car so why would he come back? And why won’t this guy talk if he’s not my husband or if he is my husband Arrgh too much stress!
So we’re are both walking down this path and I am too scared to leave my therapist’s side or look up to see if it’s my husband ……. Everything was so confusing to me until we got to the ‘relaxing lounge / room” (whatever it’s called) and then I saw that it was MY husband. I was not amused. I was so confused.
Apparently he decided to come back after I had been taken to change. It was a huge relief. Sweet unassuming H thought that I knew he was the one in the room with me and was wondering why I was quiet the whole time.
We laughed about it but that’s one situation I would not want to be in again. The massage yes, another person in the room without me knowing, no.

PS: To Jean, I have H’s permission to repeat this experience here:-)

Loving Motherhood

I love being a Mother. So many new things to learn and enjoy every single day. I get to discover more of myself and H as parents and our little Angel. When I was expectant, I was pretty open minded and wanted nothing more than to hold the baby in my arms. We did not check out the gender; all we wanted was a healthy baby. And a healthy baby it was. Njeri is now seven months old and I cannot believe how fast time has flown. She is sitting up well and weaned now and a jovial, friendly baby. The girl is talkative too and quite active, tummy crawling now.

I could have had a lousy day at work but the minute I walk through the door and see her, all my depressing thoughts vanish and I am happy again. Her smile is the most beautiful in the world and guaranteed to make my heart skip a beat. Her bond with her father is the most amazing thing in the world. She literally leaps when she hears or sees him home. She screams in delight waving her hands in the air yelling “tada tada” which I think is her equivalent of saying hello, and stretches out for him to take her. I love watching them together. I never knew we humans had such a capacity to love. They are my two favorite people in the world and everyday my heart is at bursting point full of the love I feel for them. Njeri adores her daddy and woe unto him if he is not paying attention to her. H cannot even carry on a phone conversation when holding her at the same time. She will bat or kick at the phone or complain in baby talk for his attention. When he rocks her she goes to sleep in a flash. Till morning. In the evening it is like she senses when he is almost home. She sits up alert and stares at the door and sure enough H will appear a few minutes later. It is sweet and spooky at the same time ha ha. When I told my Mum about it, she told me I was the same way with my Father at that age. Hmmmmm.

She already has a favorite toy, a little bear H brought from NY. (Yep it had to be a gift from him) and loves it when you blow bubbles in the air, and her favorite game is “peek a boo”. Njeri always wakes up with a smile on her face, and loves Abscondita too to bits. They have a strong bond too and saying good bye at the end of the day is not easy for the both of them. One of these days I am pretty sure she will get separation anxiety, not from me, but Abscondita L I thank God for her as she takes good care of my baby and engages her ; they play together, communicate to each other (one in normal speech, the other in baby talk) and understand each other perfectly. The first thing Abscondita asks me in the morning is if Njeri has slept well, and what time she went to bed and whether I fed her and if she finished her food. All these before even asking me how I am. Ha ha Abscondita rocks! I love being a mother and it is an amazing gift from God that I am enjoying immensely this far. I know it can only get better from here. Praise be to God!

How do you treat your partner’s friends?

 A few years ago, my pal W’s boyfriend (now husband) had been in a cycling race with three of  his pals (one of whom was this interesting lady’s boyfriend at the time) at Ngong hills. W’s boyfriend and Co.  dropped their pal at her place after the race. These guys were very hot, tired, hungry, thirsty and dusty. Anyway, her boyfriend invited them in and they chilled for a while. The girlfriend was there, did not offer them anything, even a glass of water. One of the guys actually asked if he could have some so her boyfriend got all of them some water. All the while she was in the same room with them chatting with a friend of hers eating oranges as if these guys were not there. W was a bit taken aback as it was the first time meeting her and she would not be bothered. 

The second incident was later that year when they started living together. W and her boyfriend went to visit them and when they got there she left! No welcome, how  have you been … nothing.. And they had called before going over. Strange huh?

It was clear this girl and W were not going to be close, or should I say friends?

The third incident also took place a few years ago. W’s boyfriend used to work out of town so this one weekend after Christmas W, his sisters, some cousins and friends  all headed there for some fun. The house was big enough for all of them but this lady still managed to dampen the liveliness ( is that correct?) of that weekend. She would not mingle with the rest of them, was rude to others and kept on going on and on about how bored she was. She was getting on people’s nerves so much oh but the highlight was when she found W and her boyfriend  outside eating and complained ” Gosh, this is so boring, it is not as much fun as it was last time when it was just the four of us”. The four meaning her and her boo, W’s boyfriend and his ex. I know!!!!!!  That was sick.

So now they are both married couples with kids and do see each other a bit as their husbands are friends. The other day they went to visit W and her hubby with their kids. This lady refused any food or drink. Her little girl however did have a little snack offered by the hostess but of course her mama had to spoil it all by saying ” be careful honey as you eat that, do not get it on these seats that are not child friendly”. WTH? Did she really have to say that? Oh and they left when the food was almost ready. Poor W.

This is a long gossipy post but it got me thinking as to how we ladies behave towards our partners’ family and friends. You cannot love all true, but you can at least make an effort to be polite and civil to those you cannot stand. Remember, they were there before you and probably know him better than you. So smile and be nice, you do not have to be best friends to his best friend’s partner but you can at least have a decent conversation with him or her ama?  If you cannot then just avoid that person which is not so easy to do in this case as these ladies’ husbands are best pals 😦

Making snide comments and being rude just won’t do. What do you think W should do?

How exactly should you treat your partner’s friends and family?

More on this topic coming soon…..





Someone asked me if our relationship has changed now that we have a baby. Yes it has, relationships as we all know are dynamic, not static. Baby or not both partners will change as they adapt to each other. One thing I like about being married to H is the person I have become. I have changed as he challenges me to grow and be a better person. I have become more patient for instance and realising my true potential as an individual. It is now a month since we welcomed our little girl and we are happy and our lives have been greatly enriched by this wonderful gift from God. She is a blessing in our home and we are both striving to be better people to not only be able to care for her, but also set a firm and positive foundation for her, setting a good example for her.   I know the relationship I have with H will continue to evolve and I am optimistic that it can only get better with time.  As for my relationship with my daughter, it is already off to
a great start!


Baby is now one week old! Where is the time flying to? We are glad all is well so far and still can’t believe we are parents. I’m still dazed by the whole experience keep thinking I’ll wake up and H and I will have a good laugh over the dream.   I thank God all went well, a safe delivery is definitely not something to take for granted. H  is being the best partner ever 🙂
oh yes! he stays up with us and soothes his lil princess to sleep with a lullaby he made up for her. something about timbuktu and west Africa and there is a bus driver somewhere in the mix and a professor too. ha ha so sweet. I thank God for him too:-)

Respect in marriage

It has been a while since i blogged, but im doing fine now and looking forward to blogging some more!


Last night H and I watched an episode of Laugh Your way to a better marriage (again!) and the guy was talking about the differences in how males and females communicate and perceive different things. One of the things that stood out was how sometimes as wives we do not support our husbands enough, or  rather do not have faith in them and do not hesitate in telling them so to their faces. Which is obviously wrong and hurts the guy badly but we still go ahead and do it. He gave an example of how he once overheard a pastor’s wife put down her husband by saying, “everyone thinks you are so perfect and willing to help, if they only knew how useless you are!”

It  also reminded me of a sermon I watched on sunday on the same issue. That preacher really emphasized on the importance of supporting each other wholly and not putting each other down in marriage.  We all express love for each other differently and it is important to understand that your partner’s way of expressing may be small acts of kindness, while for you it is in words, it differs. One of the things I always ask God when I pray for my marriage is that I may always RESPECT my husband, in words and in action. I do not want to be one of those women who tell of their husbands as good for nothing or tell others of how useless their husbands are, or mistreat him due to some wrong he has done, perceived or actual. Despite his faults, I chose him, and despite my faults, he chose me so we proceed as we are on this journey of building a life together and striving to improve ourselves on the way.

It is not easy but it is worth the effort to try. I have realised that it is easy to lapse into a comfort zone where everything is fine as long as it is going my way, but this relationship is not about pleasing me alone. There are two of us and it does take alot to ensure “tusizoeane”. {Can’t really put that in English 🙂 }

Have a great week!