The Look

Being a mother is a learning experience. There is no manual that fits all.

The parenting books and websites and Prayers do help a lot, but there are many times one wonders if you are doing right by the kids and your values.

Nobody wants a child who behaves badly, but we do not want perfect robots either. You want a child who can communicate well and stand up for themselves, but you do not want them to be a bully or be arrogant either.

Growing up, our parents’ mantra was “Spare the rod, spoil the child.” Our generation is more indulgent now, and we have to look for other ways to instil discipline in our children. There is one thing that has not changed though, and that is “THE LOOK”

The universal way for all mothers to express disapproval at their children’s shenanigans. That stare is enough to make folks freeze in their tracks.  The day you learn or realize you have “the Look” nailed is a moment of pride for all Mothers around the world. You are there keeping a straight face as you give the child one cold stare that will make them feel cold, but inside you are doing the happy dance that you have finally nailed it. Oh the moment of triumph!

Being a Mom

How do you know you have nailed it? When your child looks back at you, actually stops misbehaving and either bursts into tears or apologises, or looks down guiltily.

Happy Parenting Folks 🙂

Motherhood appraisal….LizWala style

Organisation: Wala abode Title: Mothering four children Year or period covered: December 2007 to December 2016 Time in present position: 9 years Appraisee: Amakove Appraiser: Management State your understanding of your main duties and responsibilities To mother four children. I had initially applied for 2 children. One boy and one girl. The orders got mixed […]

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Potato Love

Potatoes are bae. Love them in all their forms. Roasted, boiled, fried, mashed…..YUM!

We are in the midst of drought and vegetable prices have skyrocketed as supply is less than demand.

Luckily, H travelled to an area known for fluffy potatoes and came back with some plus fresh juicy carrots the kids and I keep snacking on.

I made potato bhajias the other night, with salad and panfried tilapia.

The bhajias were literally eaten off as I cooked by the kids, by the time I plated my portion, they were the few remaining, but hey, as long as we were all fed, it was fine.

For the potatoes, I just sliced them thin and dunked them in a thickish batter of gram flour, paprika, garlic powder, salt and pepper and finely chopped coriander.

Do not overcrowd in the pan as you fry so they can get crispy and not clump together.

The salad was a basic kachumbari of onion, tomato, salt and pepper, squeeze of lemon and a bit of chopped coriander leaves, I just added some grated carrots as these carrots are so sweet and juicy, I had to add them. J

The fish-fresh Tilapia was marinated in lemon juice, seasalt and black pepper, then pan fried. Do not forget to squeeze some lemon just before serving.

A delicious and filling meal.

Crispy  fries potatoes, tilapia and kachumbari

Leo turns Three!

My  Lil’ man is three! Yipee! Oh how time flies.

It feels like just the other day we came home from the hospital and Njeri was a bit afraid of this constantly crying baby but she also showed him so much love and affection, and still does.

Isn’t he handsome?

The two have a great bond. Oh they do fight like fiends (which siblings don’t?)but they also have their own little private jokes and games they play with each other.

We did not have anything big planned for his birthday. I am yet to throw a huge party for either of them, I have always preferred a family affair which I know will change over time as they grow.

His cake was this beautiful creation from a good friend who has become a leading baker in her own right. In her words, “it was not her best creation,” but  we loved it.

I really appreciate the fact that she pulled it off as she was also planning her twins’ birthday party and my cake was to be delivered the day before the party. Not withstanding the crazy butter shortage in this town. Argh!

I sent her an online pic of what I wanted and she nailed it! This is his current favorite cartoon. His first birthday was Lightning Mcqueen, Second was Paw Patrol (done by Hash too) and this was Blaze the Monster Machine. I am pretty sure next year will be auto themed too. Hahahaha.

Vanilla with buttercream frosting by the lovely Hashnunish Sultan. You can check out her creations on FB page, Custom Cakes by Hash.

It was a beautiful cake by a beautiful person and the taste was heavenly. Still licking my lips at the memory of the yumminess 🙂

Vanilla with buttercream frosting Blaze Monster Machine Birthday Cake 


You should know people.

This morning as I dropped Njeri to school, I decided to walk her all the way to class and say hello to her classmates.

Oh the sweet little girls, playing with their play dough, others colouring and chatting. I walked round and said hey to each of them as I asked for their names. (What better way to match faces to the names when Njeri talks about school? Hehehehe).

Anyway, I got to one girl whose name I knew as she attended the interview same day as my daughter. I said hi and as I walked away this ensued:-

Little girl: I know how you know my name!

Me: You do? Oh, and how do I know your name?

Little girl: Because you see me on your TV!

Me: Oh! I do?

Little girl: Yes! That’s how everybody knows my name.

Me: Is that so? That is lovely.

At this point my mind was blank and I had to ask the teacher what  the little girl was talking about. Apparently she is in a local yoghurt commercial that I haven’t watched yet. Till now.

Oops, I really should know people. 🙂

PS: Zawadi is a very beautiful and confident young miss. And no, her name is not mentioned anywhere in the commercial. LOL



I wrote this in one of the Facebook parenting groups I am in and thought it might help one of my readers . 
 Let’s talk toys for a while. 
How many of us buy toys for our babies? What informs the choice of what toys to buy? And most important of all, what are toys for? 

I’ve been reading a bit online and found some info I’d like to share. We live in a society where buying kids toys is perceived to be a luxury. Which should not be the case. 
Toys do not have to be expensive and could be anything that a child plays with safely. Toys help with physical and muscle development (bikes, blocks and puzzles), sensory development ( eg bubbles), social development eg dolls and creative and intellectual development eg crayons, paints and clay. 

Each of these types of toys assist the child in each stage of development. They is also a reason the toys are age designated in the packaging. 
Infants should have colorful soft toys with no sharp edges or parts tHat are easily detachable. Rattles, stacking rings, push pull toys and balls are great. These you can get in toys shops or even Toi where they are sold at great prices. Beanbags like we used to make in school are great too. Let infants feel textures of your hair, your clothes, leaves and even your fingers. It’s all about the sensory experience at this stage. Toi and text book centre also have some small books that have textured pictures that are great for this stage.
As the kids grows older, you can get puzzle boards or book, nursery rhyme videos, action songs (Hal Palmer has a great series) and blocks. Toddlers need to exercise their muscles. Kick a ball with them, bikes, wagons, big cardboard boxes can be a house or castle 😊 let them play with your plastic bowls and pretend to be cooking. 

Toddlers still put toys in their mouth so ensure toys are washable and have no small parts or sharp edges. They love balloons, climbing, running and jumping, hence a lot of time spent outdoors. 
Toys encourage children to use their imagination, gain self confidence. When they accomplish assembling blocks or blowing bubbles they feel great and worthwhile. Commend them when they do do and play with them on their level. 

Toys also helps our kids make friends as they earn to share and solve problems together by playing puzzles or building blocks. 
As you choose what toys to buy or make for your child, ask yourself is it safe? Is it age appropriate? Does it captures the child’s interest? Is it attractive? Can the child play with it alone? What skills is it improving in the child? What kind of activities does it encourage? keeping in mind some play will need more energy than others. 


Mums. Let us switch off those cartoons and play with our kids on their level. Rummage through your wardrobe and play dress up with our little ones, kick a ball with them, cook with them. For the infants, let them feel different textures, even if it’s touching different fruits and vegetables, see different colors.
Kids love simple play. It does not have to cost anything to have fun with our children as they explore the world around them. 
Have a lovely play filled weekend.