Bad commercials

Is it me or are there some really bad commercials on our screens right now?

Ai, so many I do not know where to begin. What’s the deal with the Always ad coming up at what is dinner / family time in most homes. It is not a pleasant soundtrack to one’s dinner. And the Harpic toilet cleaner ad with Suzanna Owiyo, Woi, those ladies do not look as if they are affected by the cost of toilet cleaner,  ama it’s just me being judgemental.

The Molo milk ad where the inlaws have been asked for cows and bring packets of milk! And the bride to be plus the groom to be continue to snip open the packets… wait for it…using their teeth! 

 And the bread commercials, do not get me started on the Supa loaf one where the thugs break into some home and get distracted by the bread in the fridge. Bring back the Supa loaf ‘slices of life’ ad good people, it was much better.There is also the other bread ad, pole do not remember the brand, where it talks about having a great body and show some chic on the couch enjoying her slices. Huh?

I am not hating, we have some great creative talent here but I  do not like the current trend. And what’s the deal with all these ‘singalong/musical ads’. Can we have a change people! I like the Coca Cola one on a billion reasons to believe in Africa but today’s post is not about good commercials, but bad ones.

I will post Links to these ads later when and if I find them and you can also have a looksee tonight and tell me what you think.

Do you my dear readers agree with me? (at least those who watch local tv) 🙂


Of Public spaces and lousy breath


It’s been a while, battling a bad cough and cold and cannot take any medicine due to some circumstances “cough cough”.

Anyway, went to watch a play some time ago with Hubby, SILs and some friends. We did not all share seats so were scattered all over.

After the show, one of my SILs and friend confessed that they did not enjoy the comedy as much as we did as they were seated next to people with the most awful breath. Poor guys 😦

Its like being in a matatu and the guy next to you tries to strike up a conversation but the breath arrgh!!!

Image source:


Can you tell that person they have bad breath and if so how? This is a total stranger its not like a friend whom you can offer breath mints or tell them their breath stinks in a nice loving way.


Due to the nature of my job, I move around A LOT  in a day using matatus. I love observing how people behave in public. There was this poor girl who had a hard time getting in the matatu as she had some really really high shoes on that she could barely walk in, and she almost slipped and fell. Aiii, are stilettos worth a broken ankle?

Where I work


Where I work, maternity leave is 2 months only!  and….you forgo your annual leave too.

So,  you gotta work till the last day (yep till you give birth) so as not to lose the precious days) and if  you forgo your annual leave does that not mean that maternity leave is only one month and the rest your leave? And is maternity leave really leave? I mean are you not adjusting to the baby and changes to your body and all?

A colleague gave birth the other day straight after getting home from the office. she is fine thank God! and this is the norm at work, you cannot afford to take time off before your due date.  According to the big kahuna, most of his employees are ladies of childbearing age and he really cannot afford to have them on leave for the whole three months and anyway, he is known to argue, when expectant you are not 100% productive in your first and last trimesters so you really cannot afford to complain about the 2 months!

Ps: They omitted the above info during induction, how convenient don’t you think?

Thoughts my good people …………


Kiddish behaviour

Hope you all had a fabulous weekend.

Yesterday we attended our monthly Chama  meeting and all was well.   Afterwards, my SIL and a family friend of ours decided to play pool before leaving.  They paid for 2 games and started playing.

When a group of older men walked in, the bartender came and asked my SIL and Co. to wrap it up as the older guys wanted to play. (there is only one pool table in the place). My SIL said fine though it was interesting cause this guys had just walked in and had not even ordered drinks or settled down. The problem however was HOW the bartender said it.  It gets diluted in translation but it was something to the effect off get done and leave you’re wasting time for more serious players, and the guy stood there to wait. (BTW does this game even have a time limit?). Of course my SIL was offended and told him so and anyway they had paid so why not let them finish in peace and leave. then this guy reacts in a weird way pushes them and takes the balls off the table and walks off in a huff!

Now, SIL and Co. got mad and followed the guy to find out what’s wrong, and he keeps going on and on about how disrespectful young people are and our money is not important as we are not heavy spenders and on and on and on. the whole thing was just ridiculous. Mind you, this barman is in his late fifties.  So sis asked for her money back and the guy refused. We were all confused as to what this guy’s problem was. By now, the whole room was watching the whole exchange. the other staff intervened but the guy still stood his ground, no balls n refund.

So we asked if they have a problem with clients of a younger age, and if that is the case, why not put a notice. We have used that place since last year and have never taken alcohol or been loud, we just meet, eat and leave. It took H and the other staff  a while to calm everyone down and we decided to leave. But I wonder why some older people just seem to have an intense hatred towards younger people.


Sleazy Bosses

Yesterday, one of our newer colleagues got the results of her probational review. Her immediate superior had given her really low grades which was surprising as she is very hardworking and learns really fast. Turns out there was an underhand reason as she had refused to give in to his advances! Yes ! in this day and Age!

It reminded me of my first job. My boss was nice initially and very thoughtful ( or so I thought), until it was time for my confirmation. The guy began all sorts of advances and each time I put him off, it just seemed to egg him on. There was no HR in the company at the time, so I complained to the M.D who did nothing! (probably cause they were the same race). It was HELL. I got sick at the thought of going to work, lost so much weight and quit when my family and friends told me its never that serious. 

yes, he was that nasty looking...

I got another job almost immediately but was angry for a long time, especially at male bosses. Nothing in uni had prepared me for such an experience.

I feel bad for every woman who has experienced any form of harassment in the workplace due to her gender.

More so I  am very disappointed at every woman who ever gave in to a male superior’s advances as she made the guy believe that any other woman is game. 

Let us all say no to sleazy bosses from hell.


I am beginning to think today is ‘strong perfume’ day! 😦  Was seated next to this lady who had on some awful perfume ..really awful and I felt like throwing up in the bus. I could not change seats as the bus was full but luckily I had the window seat. Can ladies please understand that applying perfume does not mean pouring the whole bottle on yourself and some scents are suited to the night time when y’re making rounds on your broom..(I know that’s nasty but not as nasty as I feel right now).

Have a scent free day y’all. 🙂