There have been complaints on this page on people buying land but not receiving the title deed from the seller. In the spirit of buyer beware, allow me to take the members through the legal process of acquiring land in Kenya.

Firstly, it is not the seller’s onus to process the title deed for the buyer. That should be done by the buyer himself or through his Lawyer.

Before acquiring a piece of Land, there are some pre-requisites which you need to adhere to so that the land you buy is legitimate and you don’t end up losing your heard earned cash.

Below, I will take you step by step on the process you need to follow to acquire land. In every land deal, It is highly recommended that you use a Lawyer. It is costly but safest. BY ALL MEANS NEVER CUT CORNERS.

1. Conduct a site visit


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Election Season +254

A few months ago we had a sermon series in Church about the role of a Christian in the political space. There was a phrase, “When Good People do Nothing, Evil prevails.”
Out of that we were challenged; if you are not happy with the status quo and have the means and conviction to do so, run. Run for office and change things from within. That sermon made an impact on many of us. For Samantha Maina, running for MCA in Kileleshwa Ward, that was a sign. She was frustrated by a couple of potholes outside her home for the longest time, and had tried to engage the current MCA but to no avail. So she decided to run and change things from within. Boniface Mwangi announced his candidature for Starehe constituency after years of activism. You may not agree with him, but he has also taken a necessary step to change things from within.

Many of us do not have the courage to do so, but we can support those who do. Look around you guys. We cannot afford to be apathetic. We all have an active role to play in our country’s decision making process. Refuse to conform, be concerned for ALL, and have the courage to intervene.
We need to make an effort to understand each other’s differences and appreciate our diversity. We have to seek healing and reconciliation and begin to trust one another again.

Our leaders are there to SERVE us. Let that sink in guys, SERVE US. We are the ones who employ them. So look around you, examine all those running for office around you. Look at the MCA candidates, those running for MP, Women’s rep, Senator, Governor and President. Do they have manifestos? They should, every one of them, because that is the only way you as a voter will know what they stand for and what you should hold them accountable to for the next five years. Especially MCA, MP and Governor, The buck stops with them. How will they manage the funds allocated from Central government? How accessible will they be? What are their plans for the county? Etc. Devolution is new to us and the past five years have shown us the loopholes that need to be sealed. Examine the candidates guys. Wachambue kabisa.

We also need to examine ourselves as voters. Hii mambo ya kuuza kura and benefiting from some candidates’ handouts needs to stop!
Dagoretti South constituents, I am looking at you. Eh! Dennis alituacha, wanted to run for Nairobi governor saw he could not make it, ran back to the constituency, lost Jubilee nomination, now splurging funds east, west, north and south so he can retain his seat. Folks, do you seriously think he has our best interests at heart? Think deep and hard about it, in fact go stand outside his recent development something “meadows” hapo Naivasha road and think hard and deep if he has the constituents’ best interests at heart when he says he wants to retain his seat. Ha!
As for our governor , the least said the better, let’s just say the suit doesn’t hide the thuggery. Women’s Rep, what is that again? Senator? No comment. President? None of these so called “two horses” deserve to lead. None. Do you honestly think they have our best interests at heart? Really? Really? Think hard and deep. And there are OTHER candidates by the way.

We cannot afford to be apathetic guys. We have a responsibility and a role to play as the citizens of this country we need to be strong and courageous enough to make a difference. So we have until Monday to read those manifestos and chambua those running for office in our counties. Tulale unono, tuchaguane Tuesday kwa Amani. Vote wisely peeps!

The Folly of Being Human

2017 is turning out to a very interesting year. Interesting and revealing. Both about myself and other people too.

It has had its highs, but the lows have faithfully trudged along too, unwilling to be left out.

A lot of things have been revealed about people close to myself, both consciously and unconsciously, and I am learning to guard my heart. It is not easy but it has to be done.

Human beings are generally good, but some of us are downright evil, conniving, jealous, envious, just bad. To be kindhearted, a person of integrity, humble and just have a good heart is turning out to be a tall order for many.

Why are we not happy for each others’ successes? Why do we feel like we always have to put each other in a box and clamp down real quick and fast on the other person as they try to break free of what we are constricting them to be?

You think you have real friends or support from family? Try being at your lowest….. even better, try being at your highest and see how quick some will drag you down. 19554823_1105430506259451_5948960505584611437_n



Cut off

I cut my hair earlier this year. Really short, shorter than it has ever been.

It was not a big chop kind of thing as I have always been natural.

It was not a sign of emotional distress.

It was not an instantaneous decision. It took time, months even, of me asking friends how I would look with short hair. Checking out different looks, looking for a good hairstylist. When I finally decided to go ahead, I chopped off a bit at home and had the big chop done by a hairdresser.

I love the short hair look, and I am actually headed to the barbers in a few. Hahahahaha. But recent reactions have made me wonder about the perceptions we have of  women who cut their hair short :-

  1. That a woman cuts her hair as she is in emotional distress, or wants to cut off some things in her life.
  2. That she is unhappy with her sex life and wants to reclaim it. *Insert blank stare*
  3. Cutting off societal expectations of her. A way to express her identity, increase self awareness. (Hmm I am more self aware so….)
  4. Cutting of damaged ends. The “Big chop” , getting rid of relaxed hair and wanting to nurture her hair in its natural state.
  5. Because it is a trend. (Hey, Halle Berry made short hair look sexy)
  6. A cry for help; that a woman wants to be really SEEN.

The list is endless and I have been asked intrusive questions on the same. Am I sick? Is my marriage ok? Am I not sending a bad signal to my daughter that a masculine look is better? Am I Depressed? Am I not being selfish as I had really nice hair that grew long so fast while others struggle to grow their hair? Am I broke?

Thing is, women cut off their hair for various reasons. There is no one size fits all.


Why did I cut my hair? Personal Transformation!Because I wanted to.

Do I intend to keep this look? I do not know. I love it. So far, so good.

I have realized though that I spend more time in the mirror looking at myself. Really looking. Seeing my beauty for the first time. I am surprised at how much I had let my hair define me, even if I was not conscious of it at the time.

I know it does not make sense, but I really do SEE myself now.

Motherhood appraisal….LizWala style

Organisation: Wala abode Title: Mothering four children Year or period covered: December 2007 to December 2016 Time in present position: 9 years Appraisee: Amakove Appraiser: Management State your understanding of your main duties and responsibilities To mother four children. I had initially applied for 2 children. One boy and one girl. The orders got mixed […]

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Project Manenos Part 2

Our kitchen is done. Yippee!!!!! OK 90% done as a couple of appliances are yet to be fitted but we love it. We decided to go with Streamline Designs. They were not the cheapest, but they were the most professional and great handiwork to match. They got the measurements right, the design right and the colours matched the tiles we had selected.

We had crazy quotes, even paid for site visits. But Streamline did not charge us for the visit. Their crew was on site on time, cleaned up after themselves and worked well with no supervision. Any delays were communicated, solutions provided and oh the quote broke down everything. No hidden charges, agreement had timelines attached that were met. (I love that btw). I cannot wait for the final reveal.

Now the rest of the space is staring back at us. We had not engaged an interior designer at any stage. We however realized we needed professional help with the rest of the finishing; someone who would be able to translate what we wanted the space to be. And so the search began.

To be honest we had no idea where to start. We went to the Ideal Interiors Expo at Two Rivers Mall, (which was a big disappointment) and managed to get a few contacts.

So, first visit by an interior designer was this past Saturday. A reputable and posh outfit but hey, our dreams are valid and they were not charging for a site visit. LOL

Anyway, the creative director and one of their designers came and saw the space, gave a few ideas, took measurements etc. Now, when we had visited their showroom, one of the sales ladies had told us that the cost of a render/ design began at Kes 40,000 minimum. Yes. I can see the look on your face. Buuut, if we selected some pieces from them, they would deduct the cost and work backwards. If not, the 40k would be for the design only. Which sounded great to us, and that why we set up the site visit and also as we were really interested in some of their stuff. Wallpapers, lamps etc.

Come Monday. We received an email from them to deposit over Kes 50,000 in their account to enable them design for us. I know……. Sigh.

BUT, here came the shocker. We were apparently misled by their sales staff. Or as they put it “miscommunication”. The fee was just that a fee. It could and would not be deducted from the cost of the materials we sourced from them.  Double Sigh.

Anyway, I got confused and decided to engage an interior decorator via email and posed a few questions so I could understand how these things work.


To be continued…..




Weekend recap- Pre – birthday Lunch

Hello Lovelies.

The weather in Nairobi is awesome right now. Who doesn’t love the smell and sound of rain after the sweltering heat since January? Beautiful weather for a beautiful country.

This past weekend was a busy one for me. H and I are yet to finish our building project and Saturday was spent picking some natural stone tiling from Classic Mouldings. They have a beautiful range of stones and decorative paints that you will fall in love with. They are located on Mombasa road and have a new gallery off Waiyaki Way. This is what we picked:-

Caribbean tumbled antique blend

Saturday afternoon was spent at the barber (for me) and the salon (for Njeri). I finally cut my hair and love the new me. Had late lunch at On the Grind on Riara road with my best friend. The food was surprisingly good; yummy and fresh. I have always ignored it, but shall definitely return.

Sunday was my day with the Tots and we had lunch at Adega. I love Adega; their food is delicious and halal, not greasy, service is fast, portions are huge and they have a great kiddie area which you don’t have to pay extra for; like some places in Nairobi. Sigh.

They do not serve alcohol but have an array of fresh juices, shakes, mocktails and hot beverages. It was mango juice for the kids and the usual pineapple mint for me. Yummy.

It is the best pick where one can let the kids play as you linger over your lunch. I just made sure to reserve a table near the play area so I could watch them play without having to move a lot. Perfect solution for when you are alone with two very energetic preschoolers.

I had the kingfish with fried rice and the kids had fries with chicken nuggets. Check out Leo’s fork skills 🙂

I was too stuffed to have dessert and even the kids barely touched their food, so they had it for dinner instead. LOL. Nothing goes to waste if I can help it.

Today is my birthday. Woop! Woop! Why am I so excited about growing older?

Have a lovely week ahead friends.